Venture EP

by Lost Shepherds

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released August 27, 2011



all rights reserved


Lost Shepherds St Paul, Minnesota

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Track Name: In the Wood
I carved a home out deep within the wood. I sleep alone and dream more than I'd like to, or should.
While I'm awake I listen to the sounds of the fickle larks whose songs ascend, my wooden walls drown.

How I fear a storm to gather, should I venture out.

I can't believe in something that I've never known.

I hear a knocking at the break of day. I feel a voice inside my chest and just hope it stays.

Might I fear the morning after I venture out.
Track Name: Lifted
I want to come home now. I've been away, feeling the darkening days.
I want to come home now. I've been alone, a stranger to everyone.

I want to come home now. I know you know. I've not a thing to show.
I want to come home now. I need to sleep. I've got no plans to keep.

Are you around or should I go into the cold?

Gather me slowly into the glow. You're all that I know.
I'll be so silent, you won't even know. Nowhere else will I go.
Track Name: Riverbirds
We've got time, and I might know just why the river looks so fine in your wilted eyes.
In the sun, the plans to which we've clung and the bitter songs we've song
Are only gathered threads, so poorly spun.

You relax the curve of your shoulders. Letting your hair down.
The tail of your skirt to your skin clung closer, and I listened to your soft sounds.

We sit here still as birds with broken wings. The different songs we sing
a stolen comfort bring. Shall we wait for a kinder turn of fate
to set our melodies straight? Before i pull you close, and break

The silences we've kept to each other. The safety of our covers.
There's places still we've yet to discover. The river carries us sure.

Sooner or later we'll realize. That you and I are a simple kind.
Who growing old, will wonder why we felt so resigned.

Now I know I never let you go. That I'd give you my home.
Now I've flown and I've left you alone, to freely roam.
Track Name: Don't Be the Darker One
Wrap your arms around me now, and don't let go.
I want to feel your heart bleeding slow.
Don't close your eyes and keep your tears while you decay.
It's too early to tell your demons stay.

I've got my ear pressed to the crack beneath your door.
I want to hear your feet meet the floor.
Wrap your arms around me baby, don't let me go.
I want to hear your heart bleeding slowly.

I want your light to keep forever.
I want your light to last.
I want your fragile heart and mine untouched to sing together.

So don't be the darker one.